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Washington Street Studios Membership

Our vision is that Washington Street Studios will provide a venue for a thriving artist community for the exchange of ideas and creative expression. Our mission is to provide an affordable, fully equipped studio space for aspiring, emerging and established artists to share their creative energy and knowledge in a collaborative community.

Application for membership in the Washington Street Studios is open to experienced artists, 18 years old and older, and acceptance will be based on experience level, suitability and space availability.


Shared Studio Membership: $200/month plus 7% WV Sales Tax.

Shared Studio membership includes: dedicated shelf storage and locker and 24 hour access to: Shimpo VL Whisper Pottery Wheels, Shimpo Slab Roller, Northstar Extruder, Hand-building Studio, Studio Glazes and Glaze Spray Booth.

Access to various firings including: Electric Oxidation Firing, Gas Reduction Firing, Gas Soda Firing, Gas Raku Firing and Pit Firing.

Schedule a tour to learn about the community studio and fill out the membership application by calling 240-586-1126

or click the button below to send an email.

Tours are free of charge and you are under no obligation. 

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