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Simon Leach 'Keep Practicing' Workshop
A Two-Day Hands-On Active Learning Experience
September 30th - October 1st, 2023
at Washington Street Studios


You've heard the name,

you've seen him on YouTube (link),

now join him for an

in-person experience! 

Simon Leach is coming to Washington Street Studios

Simon will cover many tips and techniques, similar to the format of his YouTube videos, covering skills for beginners to advanced potters. 

Some of the topics the workshop will cover are: 

  • Cylinder making …as the foundation of skills (making a cylinder of 12oz to 5” x 3”),

  • Wedging and kneading tips (posture, table height etc),

  • Pulling handles, Applying handles, 

  • Lidded forms, Teapots, Tea bowls, 

  • Footed bowls, General purpose (GP) bowls, 

  • Tools analysis, How to trim, When to trim, 

  • How to fettle and thumb off, as well as other topics as they are discussed!

Workshop fee includes one bag (25 lbs) of clay, with your choice of either:
Standard 153 Buff Stoneware (^6-10)
Standard 182 Near White Stoneware (^6-10)
Standard 211 Hazelnut  Brown Stoneware (^6)
Standard 306 Orange Brown Stoneware (^6-10) OR
Standard 308 Brooklyn Red Stoneware (^6-8) 

Additional clay available at $22.50 per bag.

Firing and glazing is not included in the workshop fee.


Lunch delivery is available for the workshop for an additional cost. If selected, lunch will be ordered from Pump & Rye and delivered to the workshop.


There are four options for the workshop with lunch:

  1. No lunch or bring your own lunch                   $428

  2. Saturday only lunch                                           $444

  3. Sunday only lunch                                              $444

  4. Saturday and Sunday lunch                              $460

If you select the lunch item, you can order any bowl, salad or sandwich from the Pump & Rye menu.

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