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Jenna Lynn Gianni

Jenna Gianni’s work in clay began as a creative outlet from the life of undergraduate English major, but soon after her first ceramic arts course she discovered a passion that begged to be pursued. 

An avid exploration of the craft has pulled her work in both functional and sculptural directions. As she continues to grow as a newly born artist, her appreciation for the versatility of clay and its endless possibilities for expression and communication grow as well. 

Finding inspiration from her frequent travels, her love of literature and her appreciation for natural forms, Jenna’s works communicates the best aspects of human experience. Her pieces hope to embody the spirit of the places she has visited, display the emotive qualities of the books she has read, and capture the beauty and elegance of nature.  Jenna is currently pursuing an M.F. A. in Ceramic Arts at Hood College in Frederick, MD, where she also works as the Director of Galleries and Adjunct Instructor. In addition to her work at Hood, Jenna is a member of the Potters’ Guild of Frederick where her work is on display year round. 



For questions, comments, or commissions email me at

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