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Workshop title:  The Functional Pot; Tips, Tools & Techniques
A demonstration workshop with Bill van Gilder
Workshop is Sold Out

Every potter has a list of WHAT they want to make. HOW to make it, is often the question.


During this two-day, information-loaded, demo-workshop some 50+ making techniques will be demonstrated in answer to these ‘how-to’ questions; techniques participants will want to use and adjust to fit their own future work. Short cuts, tips and tool-use at the wheel will be shared through demo after demo.


Hand-building functional forms will be the focus during part of the demonstrations as requested, defining projects and techniques for hand-builders.


“Throughout 50+ yrs. of making functional pots, I’ve collected hundreds of making techniques used to make specific pots, both wheel-thrown and hand-built;”

Demonstrated techniques at the wheel will include:


- Efficient hand positions for throwing

- Simple tools and their use

- Lid arrangements and form

- Spout, rim and lip making and proportions

- Trimming and foot finishing possibilities

- Faceting and fluting as decoration

- Handles and lugs; pulled and hand built

- Making bottle forms; collaring techniques

- Making dinnerware; throwing and trimming

- Making squared and oval baking ware

- Wet, thick slip decoration

- And much more…

A sampling of forms to be demonstrated;


 - Open and lidded casseroles

 - Pitcher and pouring pots

 - Cups and mugs

 - Bowl forms

 - Dinnerware

 - Bottle forms


Hand-building demonstrations may include;


- Slumped oval slab platter making

- Humped squared plate making

- Foot attachment possibilities; slab, sprigged & coiled

- Textured decoration; wet slip, pressed, and resisted textures

Participants are welcome to take photos, and videos for their own use and are encouraged to bring a notebook.


A discussion about glazes will take place during the workshop, as requested. My

^6 oxidation, ^8-9-10 gas, and salt/soda wood-firing slips & glaze recipe sheets will be provided to each participant.


Workshops may include a 1 to 2 hr. slide/lecture during the evening hours prior to the start of a weekend workshop. Or, a slide/lecture may be incorporated into a daytime program schedule, as requested.


A selection of my potter’s hand-tools (van Gilder ClayTools) and a sampling of my current work are made available for participant purchase.

Participants have the option to purchase lunch, delivered ,  from Pump and Rye for one or both days..

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