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Front Porch Gallery

All members are invited to submit items for sale!


Please contact our  Gallery Manager, Ivonne Gutierrez directly at 240-620-4102 to set up a time to meet and jury the items for the gallery.  Allow for 15-30 minutes (depending on number of items) to have all items inventoried and for you to provide pricing.

WSS is currently staffing the Gallery the 2nd weekend of each month from 10 AM until 5  PM Friday - Sunday.  There are also popup events (unscheduled openings) that will be marketed on Facebook and Instagram on occasion and for holiday events.


For members who work eight hours per month, the commission for the gallery will be 25%.  For members who do not volunteer hours there will be a 40% commission for the gallery.  If covering a shift, you can still continue to work on your pottery (just listen for the visitors); it's a win-win! 


Visitors have expressed how beautiful the Front Porch Galley is and the items in it!  They are a true joy and thankful to have a place like the Front Porch Gallery to purchase pottery made by locals!

Please contact Ivonne directly to schedule sales of your pottery and/or to schedule a shift at the Gallery.  



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Thanks for submitting!
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