Washington Street Studios and Front Porch Gallery

1441 West Washington St, Harpers Ferry / Bolivar, WV 25425


email: washingtonstreetstudiosinc@gmail.com

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Washington Street Studios is a fully-equipped community pottery studio located in Harpers Ferry / Bolivar, WV.

We offer:

Community Studio Memberships

Wheel, Handbuilding and Sculpture Classes


Introduction to Pottery Kilns: Design, Construction and Operation (3 part series)

The Wheel and Beyond

A hands-on,

Thrown and Altered



Jerry Hendershot

Parched Earth Pottery

Boise, ID


Tuscarora Pottery School

Tuscarora, NV

Pottery Classes

We offer classes for 

Wheel Throwing



Precious Metal Clay



Spring into creativity

and make precious jewelry of your own design!

The Potters' Round Table

Presentations and discussions

on topics of interest to

Ceramic Artists!

Free and open to the public.


We have several exhibitions of local artists throughout the year.

Take a look at our upcoming schedule.

About Studio Membership

Shared Studio Membership: $150/month

plus 7% WV Sales Tax

Shared Studio membership includes:

Dedicated shelf storage and locker

24 hour access to:

Shimpo VL Whisper Pottery Wheels

Shimpo Slab Roller

Northstar Extruder

Hand-building Studio

Surface Decoration Studio



Access to various firing including:

Electric Oxidation Firing

Gas Reduction Firing

Gas Raku Firing

Wood Reduction Firing

Eligible for Front Porch Gallery at a 25% commission

(view the member handbook for more information)

The Potters' Round Table Podcast and Videos

The presentations from

The Potters' Round Table

are digitally recorded then we post a video of the presentation and we use the audio for a podcast.  

If you want to view or listen to the presentation, click on the links below.

Do you enjoy the Potters' Round Table events, videos and podcasts? If you want to help support the production costs you can become a patron, follow the link below.

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About Us

Washington Street Studios is a fully-equipped community pottery studio located in Harpers Ferry / Bolivar, WV. Members have 24-hour access to the hand-building studios, wheel studio, surface decoration studio, the library and kitchenette. The studio provides cone 6 oxidation firing in an electric kiln, cone 10 reduction firing in a propane gas kiln and raku firing. Members enjoy an outdoor work area for fair throwing, trimming, and finishing their pottery. Our goal is to create a creative, collaborative environment for artists to improve and share their skills.

Washington Street Studios

1441 West Washington Street

Bolivar / Harpers Ferry, WV 25425