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Washington Street Studios exists to provide an affordable, fully equipped studio space for aspiring, emerging and established artists to share their creative energy and knowledge in an environment designed to support the creative process.

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Heart Breaking News

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of glaze, clays & all things chemistry master Phil Bernburg who passed away on Wednesday, July 21st.

Phil has made many contributions to the ceramic community over the last few decades. I first met Phil over twelve years ago when he taught my first pottery class at Bill van Gilder’s Frederick Pottery School. That first meeting grew both my love of pottery and my friendship with Phil that led us to open Washington Street Studios in 2017.


Phil had two more passions that we have managed to share with the ceramic community, birthed from Phil’s generous heart and Washington Street Studios, Art Works for Good and The Potters’ Round Table.


Art Works for Good is a 501c3 charitable organization that collects pottery donated by artists to raise money in support of art education for schools, art educators and artists. Art Works for Good has given grants of over $2,500 to support art education in our public schools.


The Potters’ Round Table started as an in-person gathering where Phil shared his years of clay and glaze experience with the ceramic community through monthly lectures and presentations focused on the ceramic arts. This led to the creation of the Washington Street Studios YouTube channel and The Potters Round Table podcast where these lectures have been captured and shared with the public free of charge.


We will miss Phil and his zeal for life. I will miss his friendship and the passion that kept us going. Washington Street Studios, Art Works for Good, and The Potters’ Round Table will all live on as part of Phil’s legacy within the ceramic arts community.


Rest in peace Phil,


Dennis Stark

Cofounder, Washington Street Studios

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