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Joe Campbell Brush Workshop at Washington Street Studios

Brushes 2.jpg

Saturday, October 6, 2018

10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Workshop limited to 10 participants


About the brushes

All of the brushes are made using natural bamboo as the handle material, natural hairs for the brush heads, recycled leather for the hanging straps, and waxed linen threads for the decorative wrapping on the handles. All are set together using epoxy resins for a super strong and long lasting bond that will last forever in the studio with minimal care.  Brush hairs include red and gray squirrel tails, deer tail hair, horse tail/mane hair, and broom corn fibers for the coarse Hakeem brushes

About the workshop

A one day/6hour workshop will include a brief introduction to traditional brushes and their making, some images of the types and styles of marks and images that these brushes can make with assorted media, and detailed demonstrations of how to construct the brushes.

Each participant will have access to the materials and tools to construct 4 brushes of their choosing.  All materials and tools needed to construct the brushes are included in the workshop fee.  There will also be some handouts that will help with future brush making they may want to do in there own studios, as well as a list of suppliers and sources where hairs etc. can be found and purchased.  

About the instructor

Joe campbell is Professor Emeritus from Frederick Community College having retired in 2013 after a 30 plus year tenure of teaching Ceramics, Art History, and other studio classes.

His studio work encompasses 50 years of pottery making and over 25 years of artist brush making.  The brush making aspect began when he had a visiting artist come to FCC to teach his students about brush making and decorating techniques some 30 years ago.  There was an instant connection and love of the process of making these tools that he would use to decorate and his own pots, and the stunning beauty of the hand made brushes themselves.

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