This pottery mug is hand-made in my studio from stoneware clay and is glazed with food safe glaze. The body of the mug is bellied out in a pleasing shape that fits nicely in the palm of the hand. Above the belly is a ledge that produces interesting glaze effects with many glazes and the mug is top with a rim that is comfortable to drink from. The handle is substantial enough to provide a good purchase point to support the weight of a full mug with a thumb rest that works well to provide a leverage point. The opening of the handle is large enough to fit two large and three medium sized fingers. The vessel works well for both hot and cold drinks, you can use it in the microwave and it is dishwasher safe.

Oribe Green over Black Mug

  • These mugs are approximately 4" x 3.5" and hold between 10-12 ounces.

    They are food safe, diswasher safe and can be used in the microwave.

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