Independent Studio Sessions

Washington Street Studios Pottery School is designed specifically to teach ceramics on the potter's wheel, hand-building, and sculpture.

We are currently offering Independent Studio sessions in addition to our traditional class format. This flexible scheduling will allow you to purchase a Plan for a set amount of studio hours which you can then schedule during our Independent Studio Sessions at your convenience in advance, up to midnight the day before  your desired session time. 

Step 1: Visit Plans & Pricing page to register and purchase your hours. 

Step 2:  Visit Independent Studio Sessions page to schedule your hours on our Independent Studio day(s)!








Independent Studio Sessions include access to studio, clay, glaze, and firings. A facilitator will be on the premises to allow studio entrance, preform demos, and answer questions while you working.

Independent Studio sessions can accommodate up to and no more than 4 people at a time to allow for social distancing compliance. The scheduled time will be monitored to ensure that you are vacating the studios within your purchased hours, so that we do not exceed our capacity at any given time. Your purchased hours will include your clean up time.  

We ask that each student wear a mask when inside the classroom space and make use of the cleaning products to sanitize tools, hands, and workspaces after use.


Once scheduled, missed Independent Studio sessions cannot be refunded.


We look forward to seeing you in the classroom!