Washington Street Studios

A tour of our studio

Our Building

Washington Street Studios is located at 1441 West Washington Street, Harpers Ferry / Bolivar, WV 25425, a convenient drive from Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Frederick,Maryland.

The Front Porch Gallery

Our Front Porch Gallery will feature work from our studio members and visiting artists.

Our Hand-Building Studio

Our Shimpo slab roller is installed and our North Star extruder is on the shelf, waiting for installation. The room is well lit by a large window.

Shimpo Slab Roller

Ready for use.

The extruder

View of the extruder and wedging table.

The Throwing Studio

Three wheels, lots of natural light, shelves, colorful bats and a wedging table are all ready in our community Throwing Studio.

Shimpo VL Whisper Wheels

Four new Shimpo VL Whisper Wheels are ready to satisfy your throwing needs.

A Nice Throwing Environment

We are adding a sink for clean-up and access to water for a complete throwing studio.

The Surface Decoration Studio

Laguna spray booth, studio glazes, work table, sink and shelving.

Artist Talks and Slideshows

The Social Center is ready for an artist lecture and slideshow.

The Kiln Room

Our kiln is installed in our refinished kiln room.

Outdoor Pavilion

The fence is installed and our outdoor work area is under a covered pavilion.

Ready for cool evenings...

The pavilion looks pretty good at night

Outdoor Work Area

There's a kiln table, a treadle wheel and a small work table with chairs.

Outdoor Treadle Wheel

That's right, an outdoor treadle wheel straight from the '50s!

Future home of the gas kiln

The base is ready, the propane tanks and gas kiln are on the way!